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The Qwik-Lok Professional
Locking ‘plug-In’ Connector
Simply the BEST

A 125v, 15A replacement / retro-fit, LOCKING ‘Plug-In’ Connector for extension cords, by far the best plug-in connector ever made. The tools’ cord locks into place automatically and mechanically with a perfect electrical connection guaranteeing full voltage and current always. Makes any modified cord a ‘Super-Cord’.

They are exactly the same units as those used on the International Space Station chosen for it’s perfect track record, safety, and reliability.

Available in 3 colors.
Grey series (# 10100 GYR);
Black /Yellow series: high visibility with contrasting colors, looks sharp (# 10110 BYR),
All Black for use in the entertainment industry where low visibility is usually required (# 10120 BBB).


Simply the BEST

Premium quality 50' and 100', 12 ga, SJTEOW, pure rubber, extreme weather, blue cords with the Qwik-Lok installed and soldered in place. This rubber cable is the best available, lasts a long time, super flexible in cold extremes, stays firm in hot weather, resists rough usage.  Blue is easy to see.  Truly a superior, long life, highly regarded ‘Super-Cord’.

These have a bit of a satin finish and just enough stiction to prevent unwanted ‘slipperiness’, especially useful on roofs and slippery surfaces.

If the cord gets cut, the Qwik-Lok can be removed and re-installed at the undamaged section.

50'  (# 22250)
100' (# 24250)

The QWIK-LOK Tri-Tap
Simply the BEST

A 1 into 3 connector
Lighted Qwik-Lok’s to indicate power
Comes with either a 24" pigtail with plug or without – ready for hard wiring.