The Qwik-Lok Professional: Simply the Best

The Qwik Lok ELIMINATES these common problems with perfect solutions and performance:

   1:  Cords are always coming un-plugged! The Qwik Lok is designed to easily and automatically lock and stay connected under ALL conditions: snow, rain, dirt and dust, grease, chemicals, extremes of heat and cold, mud, concrete, metal filings, abuse of the worst kind. It never comes Un-Plugged. Period!

   2:  Poor electrical and mechanical connections. The Qwik Lok uses the best copper alloys and the best design resulting in 10 years of proven performance, with no failures, and 100% power each and every time under some of the most abusive conditions you can imagine.

   3:  Arcing: Arcing normally occurs when there are poor connections between pitted or corroded contact points, usually when withdrawing the plug. But with the Qwik Lok, the conduction is so good with a superior copper alloy that arcing is dramatically reduced or eliminated altogether. (depending on the plug blades - steel blades spark more than others).

   4:  Corrosion: A common situation when used outdoors, in salty or salt water environments. With the Qwik Lok, this simply doesn’t happen.

   5:  Poor terminal connections / loosening of wires. Few connectors have good terminals. Over time, they loosen, corrode and lose continuity. The Qwik Lok terminal screw design uses a special SEMS screw with a concave washer that acts like a vice-grip on the 14-10 ga. wire that is wrapped around the screw post. There is no way a wire can rip out, corrode or come loose if installed properly. This was designed because of anticipated heavy loads when the cords are pulled aggressively or tools are dropped accidentally from a height and suspended in mid-air. You do NOT want a live wire to rip out under any circumstances.

   6:  Short life span: Few connectors last any decent time under rough conditions. Qwik Lok's are so robust, they are easily known to have lasted 3X longer or more than any device ever made. Some as long as 10 years. When thinking of the cost, this is by far the most economical, long term cost effective solution by a wide margin.

   7:  Safety hazards: When any other unit is used in a rough capacity, they quickly fall short of safe conditions. The Qwik Lok is THE safest and best device of its kind ever made. Why: Cords never come un-plugged; cord insulations remains intact; they do not break, arc or corrode encouraging heat and damage and early disintegration. It is on the Space Station for a reason – the best of its kind in the world – err ahh – out of this world!

The Qwik Lok replaces your existing extension cord plug-in connectors, which are cut off and discarded because they simply DO NOT meet the standards of high performance, longevity let alone the ability to lock to the plug. For that reason, this is NOT an adapter using the old connector as a base. That unit would never withstand the strains, pulls, current or life by any stretch

The Qwik Lok attaches to any cable size from 16/2 to a heavy duty 10/3 with its standard 5/8” thickness. For cords from 16-12ga. 300v. the Qwik Lok uses a variable diameter cord restraint. This eliminates the common unsafe frayed cords, broken insulation on the wires both outer and inner. It is one of the very few devices in the world that has this cord restraint feature. When using a large 12 or 10 ga. cord, the restraint is not required as the 5/8” cable nests perfectly in the wiring cover shells.

The locking action is automatic. You simply and firmly press the plug into place without pulling the collar back. When it does so, the Qwik Lok gives a resounding and loud ‘Click’ – the same heard repeatedly on the video. You also feel the click-locking action in your hands, with or without gloves. You are not required to pull the collar back to lock the tools together. If you do so, the click sound may not be heard.

The terminal wiring screws and methods are unique and simply the best in the industry. It is a foregone understanding that the connection WILL be subject to sudden pulls – when a tools falls and hangs in mid-air for instance. To prevent ANY form of the hot, energized wires from ripping-out, the design has all 2 or 3 wires wrapping better than a half turn around each screw post and leading to a slot where it can be soldered as an option. The terminal screw has a unique washer that has a vise-grip clamping effect that bites down on the wires so effectively preventing any chance of the wires coming – it simply is not going to happen, regardless of circumstances. When soldered as an option, it now meets Hospital Grade and milspec Military standards – the highest anywhere.

The plastics are bullet proof, tough poly-carbonates, the same material as motorcycle and hockey helmets – almost indestructible. It can withstand amazing forces acting on it with a solid performance for a long long time. 40,000 lb trucks have driven over these again and again with minimal damage, but completely shattering any plug inserted into it.

The metals inside are the best in the industry preventing corrosion, arcing, heat buildup and perfect conductivity. They are made of Beryllium Copper, a near perfect material.

All in all, the Qwik Lok is simply the BEST ever designed and made with a track record so good that only a few have been replaced out of hundreds of 1000’s - one which was struck with a lightning bolt. So Good that it was chosen for use on the International Space Station.

So good that we offer an all perils 1 year guarantee. No questions asked.

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