Conventional Devices

ALL conventional connectors from Hubbell, Leviton, Woods, Noma etc. DO NOT lock the plug in place and after a while, the plugs come out far too easily

Today’s devices do NOT have a cord restraint. After a short while, cords self-destruct at the entry point - a common place scenario. Not only is it dangerous, but also against the WCB guidelines and safe working conditions.

These Hubbell and Leviton connectors are from a dry climate construction jobsite. You can clearly see the damaged and unsafe cords with ruined insulation which are cracked and unsafe. Electric shocks occur frequently here.

The Qwik-Lok has a built-in cord restraint for all 16-12 ga. (300v) cords. Broken insulation, bare wires simply does not occur. Period.
Most devices, even so called ‘Professional grade’ use brasses, phosphor-bronze or other alloys for the contacts inside. They may be good for the short term, but when they get typical heavy loads in standard operating conditions (heat, abuse, water and rain and poor plugs) they WILL eventually suffer burnouts, arcing and corrosion. This Leviton is a typical example that lasted only about 6 months on a house framing jobsite - exterior use - and that was in a dry climate. They suffer worse in wet climates.

This same Hubbell connector (lasted about 6-9 months) shows both a broken housing and burned out terminals. Over time (even 6 months), wire strands will actually shrink in diameter due to load and oxidation. This causes loose wires at the connection, thus causing heat and possible arcing. It doesn’t take long for the terminal clamps to loosen its grip such that the wires will actually pull out with ease. Those in the know, will actually open up connectors from time to time and are able to turn the screw another ½ to a full turn it has loosened that much. The wires are also burned out as well.

So what? Well, you will NOT get your 15 amps – maybe 10-12 at best. And without that needed supply, your tools will suffer under load and burn out the guts. What’s that worth to you? A $200-500 tool or a $20 connector?

The Qwik-Lok uses Beryllium copper alloy, a far superior metal that does NOT corrode, arc, burn out or suffer metal fatigue. It also transmits 55% vs 11% for other metals
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