Failed Attempts at Locking Connectors

The most common method used to solve the un-plugging problem: Tie them in a knot – Ouch!!
  • The bulky knot easily gets caught up when dragging the cord about.
  • The sharp bends in this arrangement cause the wire insulations to crack exposing bare wires.
  • Over time, these sharp bends causes the plug and connectors to self-destruct over time with bent prongs and destroyed contacts

So banish the thought - scrap that idea. This method gives grief

You DO KNOT tie cords in nots ever with our system!

This True-Link or variations of it marketed by Woods and NOMA, use a ball bearing to jamb into the holes of the prongs, which are marginally effective at best. These are light duty and the plastic housings simply cannot handle the loads imposed on it. They fail after 5-10 tough pulls and after that, they are no better than a standard connector.

The release lever can and DOES break off rendering the device useless. The metal contacts are light weight and cannot handle heavy loads reliably. Once the unit or the lever fails, it cannot be repaired, un-coupling is very tricky and you have to get another cord or better yet – get a Qwik-Lok and solve the problem forever!

This Woods device uses a jamming device inside to try to grip the plug prongs. After a short while it failed to perform. It was so poor that it was worse that a conventional connector. There was a general recall of 400,000 on the product at one time for safety
Qwik-Lok uses a 10 year proven mechanical lock, which is fail-proof.

These push-button devices are marketed by Sears and others. They use a ball bearing inside, but after some moderate us, they have poor retention.

The insulation on the push button breaks away quickly and it is prone to failure. It is only for the lightest duty.

The Qwik-Lok is made of tough poly-carbonate plastics that can handle anything you throw at it.

This combination sold by Wal-Mart is only good IF you have both ends. It is a waterproof and ‘spark-proof’ arrangement but is bulky and requires changing on all of your tools plugs. This is good for marine environments and serves the purpose as intended.

You are definitely NOT going to be changing over to a system like this.

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