High Speed, Volume Install

The downloadable 17 PDF’s are detailed, high speed photographic installation instructions for numerous installs at once – assembly line procedures.
These will direct you on how to quickly and professionally install the Qwik-Lok in about 6-7 minutes, complete with a soldered connection.
The following 17 pdf’s can be printed off, put in a manual and used in an assembly line for a check list of exacting, high quality installation procedures.

1. Introduction
2. Objective, Alternate Wiring
3. Layout
4. Tools Needed
5. Tools Needed |Minimum
6. The Cord Restraint
7. Installing the Cord Restraint
8. Cord Prep 1
9. Cord Prep 2
10. Wire Install
11. Crimping the Soldering Slot
12. Installing Ground
13. Crimping Gr Tab
14. Soldering 1
15. Soldering 2
16. Cable Camp
17. Finishing

Home Wiring High Speed, Volume Install